As the byline of the site title says – this is a blog with snippets about illustrations, graphic design and fine art.

My family has been running an antique book shop for decades – over the years I’ve had the opportunity to hold many fascinating, rare and beautiful old books and prints in my hands. Some of them were taken care of with obvious love and were in great condition, but many of them were less lucky and went through a lot until they arrived to us, showing their history on torn and stained covers and pages.
The nature of trading is that an antique book shop never keeps its aquisitions, so – after the necessary repair and mending – those books and prints always found a new home. And sometimes it’s not so easy to just let one go :)…

This is how my collection of botanical and book illustrations has started: carefully restoring the scanned versions was a way for me to keep them. When I joined an online print store to sell my own illustrations I made the restored images available through the shop – and now I started this blog to write about their story, their creators, and about other works and artists I admire.

Have a nice time browsing the blog.

Moira Risen